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 Stat Guide

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PostSubject: Stat Guide    Mon Jan 18, 2016 3:57 pm

Here on Age of Iron we use a simple numerical stat system to determine your character's physical prowess and limitations. The stat fields are:

  • Strength - How much you can lift, how hard you can hit, and the general damage you can do with your body.

  • Speed - How fast you move, hit, dodge, and counter.

  • Perception - How far and detailed you can see as well as how fast you can notice and react to something.

  • Endurance - How much damage you can take and shrug off while as determine how long you can fight before tiring out.

  • Chakra - How much chakra you have at your disposal.

The classes are:

Tier Rules

No matter what rank you start out as, you start with Tier 5 stats (unless you're an Academy Student, in-which case, you begin with Tier 1). Each rank has a limit to how many tiers they can gain. However, you can surpass this. All wordcounts are given an addition 2,000 words, as you are exceeding your limit. By doing this, you can reach the 4th tier of the rank above you (Genin being able to gain Tier 12 stats). However, after that, you MUST rank up in-order to be able to train your stats again. All stats not effected by their class can only reach Tier. To summarize the caps per rank:

Tier Rank Caps:

Gaining Tiers

To gain stats, one must go out and train. Each tier requires a set amount of words to gain. They are detailed right here.

What they do

It's up to your own interpretation as to what you can do physically. The tiers really serve as a comparison between you and other shinobi. That being said, don't go overboard. No person with Tier 1-5 Strength is gonna send somebody flying back into a wall with one punch. However, you're not gonna be making craters or moving at blinding speeds naturally unless you meet certain requirements

Body Types

Body Types help compare characters further via what type of body they have. There are 7 types in all: Obese/Anorexic, Misshapen, Average, Muscular, Beefy/Athletic.They only come into play when comparing two people whose stat is the same (namely speed and strength). For example: If someone with an Average build with Tier 24 Strength arm wrestles someone with a Muscular build, the person with the Muscular build will have a +1 to their Strength. This +1 only appears and is applied when the two are using their brute strength against one another (grabbing, prying someone off, etc). It does NOT equate to actual attack power. The same goes for speed when talking about Athletic and Obese. They pertain to movement such as running and reflexes, rather than punch and kick speed.

One's physique can change every rank-up if they met the level cap with the respective stat. Thus, an obese or anorexic Genin would have a Muscular build upon reaching Jonin. However, their physique can change two times during a rank up if they went ahead and exceeded the normal limit with that stat. So a Genin with obese or anorexic who has Tier 12 in Speed or Strength (or 6 in both), will skip the Misshapen physique and be at Average upon reach Chunin. That if, if the player wants to change their physique. The exact effects are listed here:

Physique Perks:

It should be noted that just because you can cause craters with a punch doesn't mean you'll oneshot everyone. A person with a high endurance would take your strikes without much drastic effect. Same goes to speed and perception. Seem to disappear because of your speed, but that doesn't really mean much if someone's perception is high enough to still see and track you. It's really aesthetic for the most part.


Someone with high perception but low speed will be able to react to something but not be fast enough to interact with it  (IE: Someone throwing a ball at them).

When it comes to how much stronger, faster, etc someone is compared to you, the main effects are seen as such:

Throwing speed is calculated as 80% of your Strength Stat plus 20% of your Speed Stat (rounding to the nearest whole number). So if you have Tier 24 Strength (19.3 -> 19) and Tier 17 Speed (3.4 -> 3), you would be throwing objects with the speed of 22.
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Stat Guide
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